Dolly Parton Teams Up With Christian Duo For King & Country To Sing 'God Only Knows'

Country music legend Dolly Parton just showed the world just how much she loves God by teaming up with the Christian Pop duo For King & Country to sing “God Only Knows”. Parton describes “God Only Knows” as “one of the best songs” she’s ever heard.

Parton Opens Up About Her Christian Faith

Fox News reported that the collaboration between Parton and the duo For King & Country came about when one of the brothers saw the movie Dumplin’ on Netflix and was inspired to reach out to the legendary singer. The Australian-born siblings, Joel and Luke Smallbone, were named by Billboard as one of the “New Artists to Watch” in 2012 and have even been called ‘Australia’s answer to Coldplay’.

“When I first heard [‘God Only Knows’], I thought it was one of the best songs I’d heard,” Parton told the brothers. “I came from a very spiritual background. My grandpa was a preacher so I grew up in the church and I love things that uplift people, and I pray every day that I can do that.”

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From ‘Hollywood To Dollywood’

Parton, who joked that their collaboration would take the brothers from “Hollywood to Dollywood,” added that she had told her manager before hearing the song that she wanted to shift to doing music that was more inspirational.

“It was just like God said, ‘Okay, why don’t you sing on this song,'” she added, “and I just had this great feeling about it, that this was a good song for now for people.”

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Joel explained that they wrote the song after they thought about how connected yet lonely the modern world is.

“People go through so many things now but God only knows what you’re going through,” said Parton. The singer, who portrays a prostitute in the music video, added, “God knows when you’re hurting, he knows all that.”

Remix Of ‘God Only Knows’

A remix of the song was also done by rapper and producer Timothy Zachary Mosely, known as “Timbaland.” The remix featured vocals from Echosmith singer Sydney Sierota, who was happy to be a part of it.

“‘God Only Knows’ is such a special song, and I think we all constantly need the reminder that there’s a God who knows and loves us,” Sierota said. “We aren’t doing this alone. There’s so much love and meaning in the lyrics, and I’m honored that I get to be a part of it.”

It’s so refreshing to see a mega-star like Parton and these other singers using their platform to give thanks to God and spread his word. These days, it’s rare to see entertainers to be so open about their Christian faith. God bless you, Dolly, and God bless everyone who took part in this beautiful song!

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