Country music legend Dolly Parton decided to open up to her fans about her relationship with goddaughter Miley Cyrus, saying that the 26 year-old singer has “got good stuff in her.”

Dolly Parton Tells All About Miley Cyrus

“Lord, I’ve done everything, and what I ain’t done, I intend to,” Parton, 73, told People Magazine.

“She’s going to do that, too. But Miley’s smart; Miley knows what she’s doing. I know we think she doesn’t, and she might not every minute, but I still know that she’s got good stuff in her.”

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Dolly Parton Wants To “Live An Example” For Miley Cyrus

Parton went on to say that she’d rather “live an example” instead of telling Cyrus what and what not to do.

“I’ve told her some things that I think are valuable and that she uses, but I’d rather live an example,” she said. “[I’d rather] be an example rather than just try to tell somebody to do this, do that because I don’t think that’s right.”

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“Everybody’s different,” Parton added. “You’ve got your own journey. And some people are going to help you along the way and they can kick a few rocks out of the road for you, but you got to walk it.”

While promoting her new Netflix series “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings” last month, Parton said that Cyrus “is going to be great.”

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“Miley has such gifts, and I think she’s going to be great,” Parton said. “Now other people say, ‘You need to talk to Miley.’ I say, ‘No, I don’t. Miley will be Miley, I’ll be me and everybody needs to do their own thing.’”

Cyrus’ Life Troubles

Many fans will likely be surprised to learn that Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ godmother, as they are not too artists that people would typically associate with one another.

Cyrus has been making headlines for mostly negative reasons as of late due to her breakup with actor Liam Hemsworth, which happened after she was caught making out with another woman.

It’s been clear to fans for awhile that Cyrus has some growing to do, so it’s nice to know that she has a stable presence like Parton in her life to help her out with that.

Hopefully, Dolly Parton can guide Miley Cyrus into finding some maturity and stability in the future.

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