Tito Ortiz Fires Back At Chael Sonnen: ‘I’m Gonna Smash You Next’

While focused in on Alberto El Patron, Tito Ortiz offered up the opportunity to face Chael Sonnen again after comments made by Sonnen.

Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen continue to trade verbal barbs, and it just might turn into more.

Ortiz responded to comments made by Sonnen regarding his planned December bout with Alberto El Patron. Ortiz, a former UFC champion, will meet El Patron at Combate Americas on pay-per-view.

El Patron, who made a name for himself as Alberto Del Rio, is a former WWE champion. Both Ortiz and El Patron will put their titles on the line in the bout.

Sonnen made it known his thoughts on the match, proclaiming it to be a work. He believes the outcome will be pre-determined, such as a pro wrestling match would be.

“To believe (El Patron) is going to come out against someone with Tito’s experience I think is a little naive,” Sonnen said. “(El Patron) only has one match and it was in Japan under a mask. He is a legitimate tough guy.

“I know they are calling it a fight, but I think it is called a work. Everybody is in on the gag, you have a plan and go out there.”

Chael Sonnen Not Buying Tito Ortiz-Alberto El Patron “Fight”

“Here is a guy who hasn’t done shit in his career,” Ortiz said. “He hasn’t done anything great in his career besides his podcast. He needs attention and the only attention he gets is by mentioning Tito Ortiz.”

Ortiz claimed he started training camp 11 weeks ago and still has two months before the bout.

“Why would I have started camp 11 weeks ago (if it was a work)?” he said. “I don’t do worked fights or fixed fights. I made millions of dollars doing what I do, which is fighting. It is about getting my hand raised, my name and my legacy.

“For him to try to tarnish that. Chael, if you’re looking to get your ass whooped, come over to Combate. Let me smash you in the Combate cage. I already smashed you in Bellator’s cage.”

He also laid out a challenge to Sonnen, saying “I’m gonna smash you next. The same night I beat up Alberto, then I’ll beat up Chael Sonnen that same night.”

Tito Ortiz Responds To Chael Sonnen, Calls Him Out

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