Professional Trump Hater, Robert De Niro, unleashed another anti-Trump rant on a BBC program calling him a "gangster president" he wants to see "in jail".

Hollywood star Robert De Niro just showed off his obsessive hatred for Donald Trump once again when he slammed the “gangster president” during a bizarre appearance on the BBC program “The Graham Norton Show.”

De Niro Blasts Trump

“Today, we have a weird twisted president who thinks he’s a gangster, who’s not even a very good gangster,” De Niro said, according to Daily Mail. “Gangsters have honor, you shake a hand and they have your word and you have theirs and that’s it. But with this guy, it’s not the case.”

In an interview with The Guardian, De Niro continued his assault on Trump.

“We have a real, immediate problem in that we have a gangster president who thinks he can do anything he wants … the problem is, if he actually gets away with it, then we all have a problem,” the actor said.

And the Taxi Driver star’s extends beyond just the President, “The gall of the people around him who actually defend him, these Republicans, is appalling, and we must do something about it.”

This isn’t the first time the unhinged star called Trump a gangster. Watch De Niro turn heads with his colorful – and forbidden language – on CNN:

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De Niro Slams Trump’s Relationship With The Media

De Niro then blasted Trump’s relationship with the media.

“It’s a resentment of people [who are] writing about what we see is obvious gangsterism,” the 76 year-old said.

“They don’t like that, so they say: ‘F**k you, we’re going to teach you people’. And they have to know they’re going to be taught … they can’t get away with bullying us – people who have common sense and see what is happening in this world, and in this country.”

“They cannot do it,” he added.  “It’s a shame, it’s a shame that [the Republicans] behave so badly.”

When asked if he thought Trump would end up in prison, De Niro said, “Oh, I can’t wait to see him in jail. I don’t want him to die, I want him to go to jail.”

De Niro Promotes The Irishman

De Niro is currently promoting his new gangster movie The Irishman, which was directed by Martin Scorsese. The actor went on to explain why gangster films continue to captivate the public.

“I guess it’s because they defy the law, yet have their own laws, structure and culture,” he said.

“There’s more honor. Especially with The Godfather at the time of the Vietnam War. The idea of respect and knowing right from wrong [among gangsters] was more than we were seeing from our leaders, we were not being told the truth about what was really going on.”

Over the past few years, De Niro has shown that he has one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood. It’s sad that such an acting legend is making a fool of himself by being such a bitter and ignorant liberal in public.

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