15 Real Life WWE Couples That Never Made It Down The Wedding Aisle

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Right now, WWE is doing an angle where Lana is cheating with her husband, Rusev, with Bobby Lashley. It is pretty embarrassing and not the first time WWE has done this angle. Forget all that for a moment, and let us focus on 15 real life WWE couples that never made it down the wedding aisle.

Edge & Lita

Edge was riding high after stealing Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, Lita, and then capturing the WWE Championship. The two split, but not before their live sex celebration on RAW.

Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro

When it comes to the most flexible couple in WWE, look no further than Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro. While Catanzaro is leaving, Ricochet is still awing fans.

Test & Stacy Keibler

Test was somewhat of a ladies’ man, having relationships on and off the air with several partners.  His jealousy ruined the Stacy Keibler pairing.

Batista & Melina

A running joke on WWE TV was that Batista had been spending time with Melina, despite her being preoccupied. It concluded with Melina being embarrassed on an episode of SmackDown.

Test & Kelly Kelly

Test was a rock and roll guy who turned into a pro wrestler, while Kelly Kelly was the naive 19 year old under WWE contract. Kelly Kelly would later talk about Test after his untimely passing.