Kanye West Praises Chick-Fil-A and Christians new song "Closed On Sunday"

Chick-Fil-A is increasingly targeted by the Left for staying true to their traditional Christian values despite public pressure. But America’s favorite chicken has found a new, heavy-hitting champion in Kanye West. The rap mogul previewed a new song called “Closed On Sunday” that praises Chick-fil-A and Christianity. West is no stranger to controversy and this song is sure to poke the proverbial leftwing hornet’s nest.

Kanye West Praises Chick-Fil-A

Fox News reported that West has allegedly been hosting listening parties for his upcoming religious-themed album “Jesus Is King,” and one of the most popular songs on the album is one that is pro-Chick-fil-A. A recording that was shared on social media shows that the song “Closed On Sunday” includes the lyric “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A.” The song reportedly goes on to call on listeners to “Follow Jesus, listen and obey.”

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Chick-fil-A is known for being a restaurant chain that is so focused on upholding Christianity that it does, in fact, close on Sunday.

“Closing our business on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is our way of honoring God and showing our loyalty to Him,” Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, wrote in his book, “Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People.”

West Expresses His Christian Views

It should come as no surprise that Kanye West is such a huge fan of Chick-fil-A, given that West has been increasingly vocal about his own strong Christian faith in recent weeks. During a Sunday service at a megachurch in Atlanta, Georgia last month, West got up and addressed the congregation like a seasoned preacher would.

“Jesus, let’s be specific,” West said, singing at first and then speaking. “Because the road to hell is paved with, ‘Oh, I’m just a good person.'”

The congregation began cheering wildly when West sang “use me, Lord and proceeded to drop a line about following Jesus through everything.

“You sent your son to die for us and all you ask is for radical obedience to you,” West said, referring to God the Father. “You’re not asking us to do the least. You know how people are like, ‘At least I…,’ how are we gonna do the least when he did the most?”

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“I’ve seen him work miracles in my life,” testified West, who has struggled with mental health. “You know the devil presents so many flashy, shiny objects. I’ve seen everything that the devil could’ve showed you via TV, videos, car dealerships, jewelry, houses, and I’ll tell you…”

“Nothin’ beats God…and a sound mind,” he added, singing this part.

West Speaks To God

West then addressed God directly:

“Thank you for saving me, for replenishing me, for delivering me. When I found out about you…I got closer to my children. I got closer to my family, ’cause the devil had me chasing a gold statue, had me chasing cars, had me chasing numbers…the power of God cannot be calculated by a number, a first week sale, by a bank account, by how many cars you drive, by how big your house is, how many acres you got.”

“It’s God inside of us. It’s God inside of family. It’s God inside of friendship that we hold each other accountable. If you see somebody slipping, you tell them. They be coming at me like why are you so judgmental. It ain’t for me to judge, but I’m gonna tell them what I see.”

These days, it’s rare that someone in the entertainment world would be so openly Christian. And there’s good reason Chick-fil-A was voted America’s favorite restaurant chain for the fourth timing running. God bless Kanye West for using his platform to spread the word of God, and for supporting Chick-fil-A!

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