Rodrigo Alves Human Ken Doll

Rodrigo Alves continues being the freak that we can’t look away from. The Human Ken Doll has had so many plastic surgeries and procedures that he looks nothing like his former self. He doesn’t even look real. Now, he’s facing a medical crisis after having his 11th nose job. To combat this serious issue, he is having yet another nose job.

Human Ken Doll Having A 12th Nose Job

The Human Ken Doll had his last nose job in January and now is dealing with a “sinking” nose. Faced with the reality that his nose is collapsing and may be reduced to just a hole in his surgically enhanced face, he is going under the knife again to try to fix the problem. But, there is a serious risk that this 12th surgery will make things worse.

It is not recommended that Alves have another surgery, yet he has located a willing doctor. He recently told an Italian TV show that he had 72 surgeries in total. The Ken Doll claims that many of the surgeries were needed to combat complications from prior surgeries. But, it appears that it has all snowballed. One bad decision has led to another and Alves can’t seem to stop having surgeries. He has spent over $774,000 on procedures to date.

Alves didn’t learn anything from Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery mistakes. The Ken Doll’s nose is just a shadow of its former self and soon might be even less than that as he is facing necrolysis. RELATED: Human Ken Doll Detained For Looking Nothing Like His Passport Photo

“If necrolysis develops it could mean I will lose my nose, so I am on antibiotics and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reduce the risk of that,” the Human Ken Doll said. “There is definitely a risk of necrolysis but there are ways to reduce that and I will defeat it if it happens.”

Rodrigo Alves Fears Surgery Risks

The risks associated with this surgery even have Alves concerned. However, he didn’t appear to be anxious about his surgery to remove four ribs to make his waist smaller. RELATED: Human Ken Doll Reveals His Freaky New Look After Having FOUR Ribs Removed

“I am scared, to be honest,” said the presumptive plastic surgery addict. “Each time is riskier than the last and I’m worried that doctors aren’t going to be able to fix my nose permanently.”

In February, Alves showed off his recent “cat eye” surgery. As you can see in the tweeted video below, his nose looked more stable than it does currently.

Rodrigo Alves appears to be more in need of a psychiatrist than a plastic surgeon. His quest to constantly change has many believing he needs to accept himself rather than continue to surgically alter his appearance.

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