Florida teacher condemned liberal indoctrination Rick Scott Trump quiz question

A teacher from Palm Beach, Florida is making headlines after parents complained of liberal ‘indoctrination’. The Computer Applications teacher allegedly included an inflammatory question about President Donald Trump on a middle school quiz. The scandal even grabbed the attention of former Florida governor, now Senator Rick Scott.

Middle School Quiz Calls Trump An ‘Idiot’

Fox News reported that the teacher at Watson B. Duncan Middle School was reassigned after an online quiz question referred to Trump as an “idiot.” The School District of Palm Beach County launched an investigation into the incident after a student told her father about the question, and he immediately notified school officials.

The question reportedly said: “45th Pres; 2017; Republican; Real Estate businessman; Idiot,” and the four answer choices were Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter. Trump is the 45th president of the United States, won the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, and was internationally known for his real estate empire before he entered the presidential race.

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Parents Outraged By Leftwing ‘Indoctrination’

“This was an actual question on my daughter’s middle school test today. Furious. Going to raise some hell with the principle. Indoctrination will not continue. (See word “idiot” at the end of our presidents multiple choice answer). Not having it!” the outraged parent wrote on Twitter alongside an image of the question.

“My reaction was very disappointing. It is an obvious example of indoctrination in our school systems, where teachers are forcing their opinions on our children,” added the parent, who did not wish to be identified. The parent went on to say that he is not sure if the teacher should be fired, and instead wants the school district to make that decision after a full investigation.

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ABC13 reported that the school district removed the question from the quiz and released the following letter to parents:

“A question on a quiz given by your child’s Computer Applications teacher yesterday, was brought to my attention this morning. The question was inappropriate, and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher. An investigation is now underway, and the teacher has been reassigned during this process. Because this is an open inquiry, I am not at liberty to share any additional details with you at this point. I apologize for this incident, and for the offensive verbiage used in the question. Thank you for your patience, and your continued support of Watson B. Duncan Middle School.”

Senator Rick Scott Condemns Liberal Indoctrination

Senator Rick Scott took to Twitter to comment on the incident, writing, “This is UNNACEPTABLE. This liberal teacher was trying to indoctrinate kids in Florida with your tax dollars! The teacher should be fired immediately.”

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where children are indoctrinated with liberal views every day when they go to school. We can only hope that the school district makes an example of the teacher by firing them and sending the message that personal politics have no business in the classroom.

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