Demario Davis

We now know how Saints player Demario Davis chose to respond to the NFL fining him $7000 for wearing a Christian headband during his Week 3 game against the Seattle Seahawks. Proving that Davis is indeed a man of God, the New Orleans Saints linebacker had a perfectly biblical response to the hypocritical executives of the NFL. This is the story of how Davis chose to honor his God in Game 4.

Demario Davis Fined For Christian Headband

The league issued the fine stating that Davis violated its rule against “personal messages” by wearing a headband proclaiming he is a “MAN OF GOD.” He initially shared the news of this egregious fine on Instagram. RELATED: NFL Fines Saints Player For Wearing Christian Headband

Davis did not wear the “MAN OF GOD” headband for week 4 game. Instead, he wore one with a simple cross on it. He explained that decision in a recent interview.

“This wasn’t the first time I’d worn the headband during an NFL game. In fact, I’d worn it every game of the 2019 season,” Davis said. “I think the reason I was called out was because I was highlighted last week by the media during my pregame huddle speech to the team, which seemed to go viral.”

The Christian athlete also clarified that he was unaware of this rule and was taken aback after learning of his steep fine for expressing his faith. After all, the NFL has a history of picking and choosing what qualifies as a “personal message.” Davis drew on a lesson in the Bible to find the best way to reach a decision on how to proceed. RELATED: Colin Kaepernick Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary of Anthem Kneeling Protests

“The league doesn’t want us displaying any personal messages while on the field. And now that I’m clear on the rules, I won’t go against them,” he continued. “It’s important not to pick and choose what parts of the Bible we want to follow. The Bible tells us to be submissive to what your authorities are asking you to do.”

NFL’s Hypocrisy

There is a lot of irony given the fact that Davis plays for a team with a religious name. Perhaps it won’t be long until the NFL takes aim at the name of the New Orleans Saints for that reason. The league has a history of hypocrisy on its personal messages rule. It is supportive of players who protest during the National Anthem. The NFL also has players wear pink shoes for breast cancer awareness, but fined Brandon Marshall $10,500 for wearing green shoes to bring awareness to mental illness.

Davis isn’t too charged up about not being able to wear the “MAN OF GOD” headband during NFL games. The attention this story has generated has likely helped him spread his faith and he will not allow this ban to diminish his ability to talk about his faith.

“‘Man of God’ is written on my forehead whether I wear the bandana or not,” Davis wrote. “You’re going to see God’s mark on my life. The life we are meant to live in Christ will speak for itself; it will stand out.”

Wow! Davis certainly has God as the focal point of his life.

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