WWE Confirms Starrcade Return + All Elite Tag Team Championship Bracket

Starrcade will be back again this year, hitting WWE Network in December. Plus, All Elite is prepared to crown new tag team champions!

WWE Confirms Starrcade Will Return

-In what I’d really call “not a shock”, WWE confirmed that there will be another Starrcade “special” for 2019.

The company revived the nameplate, long a staple of WCW, in 2017. It was again a special last year as well, so by bringing it back for 2019 it does seem that it might become an annual Network special.

The one bummer for the announcement? Apparently, while it will be a special on a network that WWE owns and operates, only an hour of the show will air on the WWE Network. Not sure I follow the logic behind it, other than it’s going to basically be a glorified house show?

If WWE plans on running this every year, as does seem to be happening, perhaps make that into an annual proper PPV? Even if it’s less like a typical PPV, and perhaps more like a really special event? Perhaps an “all star” type year-end special? Have fans vote for matches, stipulations and such?

Even though it will “only” be an hour, it’s going to be interesting to see.

All Elite Wrestling Tag Team Championship Brackets Revealed

-As a young promotion, some titles aren’t yet filled for All Elite Wrestling. In fairness, they only just crowned their first world champion, who then proceeded to briefly have the belt go missing.

Now, it’s time for AEW to focus on the tag team division-and let’s be blunt here, AEW has a few really good tag teams on the roster.

The company has revealed the brackets for the tournament to crown their first ever AEW Tag Team Champions.

The tournament looks to kick off on the second TNT show and go from there. If you are a fan of tag team wrestling, this one should be must-see-TV.

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