SmackDown To Be Three Hours? + Shane McMahon’s Whereabouts

Shane McMahon's Whereabouts

205 Live To Possibly Be Replaced By SmackDown

In less than a month, SmackDown will be moving to a new channel and day of the week. No longer will the blue brand be on the USA Network as Fox will be their new home on Friday nights. A big question heading into the change is what will happen to 205 Live.

There have been rumors that WWE will fold the brand before the year ends and Dave Meltzer did not disagree on the Wrestling Observer Radio. He noted how there is talk of SmackDown taking that spot and running three hours.

“There’s all kind of speculation about what they’re gonna do with that third hour,” said Meltzer. “The belief within the television industry is that it would end up being a third hour of SmackDown on FS1, but that’s not been announced.”

205 Live has some of the best talent WWE has to offer, but they are in a terrible position. They have no TV platform and by the time the brand airs, fans are exhausted from RAW and SmackDown. Plus, there is still NXT and NXT UK that needs to air.

Even if the 205 Live brand is gone, the Crusierweight Championship can still exist. Before the title was exclusive to the one hour show, the belt would be defended on RAW. We could learn the future of 205 Live  in the next few weeks.

Shane McMahon’s Whereabouts

Speaking of SmackDown, Shane McMahon has been absent since he lost to Kevin Owens at SummerSlam. Prior to that defeat, Shane had been on somewhat of a winning streak; outside of losing to Undertaker & Roman Reigns in a tag match where he teamed with Drew McIntyre.

Meltzer stated that Vince McMahon simply has nothing for his son to do, hence why he has not been on TV. SmackDown has been a mess for months, with Vince reportedly rewriting the show hours before the brand goes live.

It might be for the best that Shane is out of the picture as fans were getting annoyed that he was in high profile matches, while some superstars could not even get booked on TV.