Kacy Catanzaro

There have been some exciting talents in NXT, but none as exciting as Kacy Catanzaro. Being the first woman to qualify for American Ninja Warrior finals at only 5ft tall, she was certainly a talent that the WWE could not refuse. Unfortunately, Kacy has now confirmed she has left the WWE.

Kacy Catanzaro Suffers Back Injury, Forcing Her To Quit

Kacy Catanzaro

Even though she was set for future championship wins in the WWE, Kacy’s choice to leave the WWE came after suffering a back injury.

“From what was told to me Kacy was having an issue with her discs and called it quits. WWE has a no fire rule right now so if someone leaves, it’s because they quit.” – Casey Michael from Squared Circle Sirens

Kacy Catanzaro signed with the WWE in the beginning of 2017. She started training in the WWE’s performance center and would eventually compete in the Mae Young Classic. She would make it to the second round, where she was beaten by Rhea Ripley.

Catanzaro was also a surprise entrant in the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble. She was one of the most remarkable competitors; this not only due to her size, but also her original ways to prevent elimination.

Kacy had her final match at NXT on July 19th. Alongside Lacy Evans, she defeated Marina Shafir and Taynara Conti at NXT. Unfortunately, no more matches has happened since then.

Her Relationship With Ricochet

Kacy Catanzaro and Ricochet

Catanzaro was thrown into the spotlight not only because of her athleticism and wrestling acumen, but also through her high-profile relationship with WWE wrestler Ricochet. The loved-up couple have shared numerous snaps with the world and made an appearance together in NXT’s beyond the ring tapings.

Kacy Catanzaro also came to the forefront when Ricochet raised funds for his mom, who lost her home due to a fire. Kacy became very involved with the fundraiser and thanked everyone who contributed.

 The Future For Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy Catanzaro

It is difficult to tell where life will take Kacy next. She has always been a standout due to her enthusiasm, kind nature, and her athletic ability. Therefore, I am under no illusion that she will find a role in the world of sports nonetheless.

However, I am also under no illusion that it might be difficult for Catanzaro to continue in the world of wrestling. After all, she did not make it to the main roster yet and only appeared on NXT. However, I would suggest a role for her as a trainer in NXT. Her enthusiasm and kind nature is infectious, so I believe it could benefit future superstars.

Kacy has been a television personality for years as well, so maybe there could be a role in presenting or interviewing superstars backstage? She clearly has a love for the business, so why not find another role for her to perform? She is clearly talented, so I believe it would be a loss for the WWE if they were to let her go. Still, we will have to wait and see what the future holds for Kacy.