Ric Flair Angering WWE & Charlotte

Ric Flair Mad At WWE, Causing Problems For His Daughter

There seems to be problems between WWE and Ric Flair, which is also leading to his daughter, Charlotte Flair, getting dragged into the ordeal. The entire thing actually started with the catchphrase “The Man,” which Becky Lynch goes by and a name Flair has used for decades. 

At first, Flair had no issue with Lynch using the name as she was working a program with Charlotte according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Now, Flair is complaining that he is owed royalties and the lawyers are getting involved. 

“He evidently got hot at a WWE lawyer for telling him he had no case for royalties from the phrase,” as noted in the report. “Flair said his attorney called WWE and they blew off his attorney. This has actually gone on as an issue between Flair and WWE, but Flair hasn’t stopped attending shows and WWE still featured him on Raw Reunion, nor has it affected his daughter’s booking since he filed for ownership of the name.”

As for how this involves Charlotte, she feels like her Hall of Famer father is dragging her into the mess. She wants nothing to do with what is going on and is focused on her wrestling career. At Clash Of Champions, Charlotte will challenge Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Flair did not directly address the rumors, but did mention about the hectic week on Twitter. 

Ronda Rousey’s WWE Profile Moved

WWE has moved Ronda Rousey’s profile to the alumni section of their website at some point during the week. Of course, this has some believing her returning to WWE will not happen.

Fans last saw Rousey at WrestleMania 35, losing in the main event to Becky Lynch. The ending was controversial, as Rousey got her shoulder up before the three count, but the referee still award the match to Lynch.

While Rousey returning to WWE is up in the air, the company was thinking about using her sporadically; like they do with Goldberg, Undertaker and John Cena. For now, Rousey is busy filming.

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