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Logic is difficult for some people. Nowhere is that more evident than when animal-loving pro abortion Leftists try to justify their eagerness to protect unhatched eaglets while in the next breath denying a human child the same respect. PragerU’s Will Witt ventured into Los Angeles’s Echo Park armed with a petition to save bald eagle eggs.

Then he asked anyone who signed the petition a follow-up question that they weren’t expecting. (WATCH ALSO: PragerU’s Will Witt Interviews Leftists For Open Borders)

Is an Eagle Egg More Valuable Than a Human Baby?

“We have a petition to stop the killing of eagles, like eagle eggs, people disturb them or they destroy them. These eagles haven’t been born yet, they have rights, ya know?” Witt reasoned.  “We don’t think they should be harmed and we think that there should be harsher penalties for those kinds of things. Would you guys agree?”

“Yes, of course,” two women agreed right away.

“Don’t kill eagles,” another respondent said. Adding that, “Eagles are people, too!”


PragerU’s pro-life petition

When PragerU’s Witt asked the enthusiastic eagle egg advocates if they’d also like to sign a petition to help protect unborn humans, their tune quickly changed.

“We have one other petition about stopping the killing of humans, too — like, babies,” he told parkgoers.

“Uh, I hate the killing of babies,” one woman said before the question sunk in that it was about abortion.

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“We want to protect their rights, too, even though they’re unborn,” Witt argued, logically.

“Wait, no,” one woman interjected,” I don’t agree with that. I’m like pro-abortion, sorry.” Adding that, “eagles aren’t raped.”

And how does she know that? Anyone raised around breeding animals knows it’s not always ‘consensual’ in the animal world.

Cognitive dissonance

Another pro-eagle-life signatory dismissed PragerU’s pro-human-life petition.

“Oh, no, I don’t agree. I fully support abortion,” she declared.

But only the abortion of human beings, not of any other animal.

“Why do you support not the killing of unborn eagles but the killing of unborn children?” Witt asked her.

“Uh, I think it’s the woman’s decision,” she countered. “A human woman should have more rights probably than a bald eagle. Abortion.”

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So, suddenly the conversation flips to the rights of the female eagle who laid the egg? However, the question on the PragerU petition she gladly signed was about the unhatched eaglets.

The cognitive dissonance between their anti-killing of birds and their pro-murder stance of unborn babies is laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

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