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Last week, the Women’s March took place in Los Angeles, California, and Prager University decided to send Will Witt to the march to see what it was all about. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that this march was not actually about empowering women and instead about protesting against Donald Trump.

Witt pulled aside numerous young people to interview throughout the march, and unsurprisingly, most of them did not even know why they were there! The leftwing youths were quick to make large blanket statements that were fed to them by the mainstream media when asked what their reason was for marching. One young woman said that she was marching because “Donald Trump is sexist, racist and homophobic.” When asked to cite specific sexist or homophobic things that Trump has said, the woman could not come up with anything concrete to back up her claims.

Another young woman said that she was there because of what happened in Charlottesville, accusing Trump of supporting the white supremacists who were behind what happened there. When Witt pointed out to her that Trump never endorsed the white supremacists and instead, rightfully released a statement saying that there are bad people on both the radical left and right, the woman fumbled and effectively said that she found that offensive as well.

The best moment came at the end of the video when Witt finds an unlikely voice of reason in a long-haired young man who exposes what this march is really about. He talks about a Guatemalan man he saw being shushed after saying that he likes Trump, explaining that this march is only about “free speech” when whoever is speaking is preaching liberal ideologies. He points out that while liberals are quick to speak out against anti-semitism and Islamophobia,  but that “there is no word for anti-Christians because they do not like Christians.”

This video serves as a tragic reminder of how grossly uninformed so many young people in this country are today. The mainstream media has whipped the younger generation into a frenzy by calling Trump racist, sexist, and homophobic so many times that they don’t even need to pretend to have evidence to back up these assertions anymore. Young people will now believe absolutely anything negative about Trump, which is exactly what the Democrats want going into the 2020 election.

Going into this next presidential election, we can only hope that there are enough young people out there who still believe in logic and facts enough to look past what the media is saying about Trump and see him as the great president that he is.

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