What To Expect From SmackDown Live On Fox? New Details!

SmackDown Live will premiere on Fox Network on October 4th. Here are some of the things we can expect in the days to come.

SmackDown Live will start its stint on Fox on October 4th. Several events have been planned in the runup to the special occasion, but things are also set to change on SmackDown. Here is what we know at the moment.

Events During The Runup To SmackDown Live On Fox

There are various events that will take place before SmackDown Live airs on Fox for the first time. Here are the events you can expect in the weeks to come.

WWE Smackdown’s Greatest Hits 

This event will take place next Friday and will be aired from 8 to 9 pm ET/PT. Interestingly, the event will be hosted by two of SmackDown Live’s greatest stars, Charlotte Flair and The Miz.

WWE WrestleMania’s Legendary Moments

On Sunday, you can count on “WWE WrestleMania’s Legendary Moments,” which is set to be narrated by John Cena.

Blue Carpet Event

There is also a special on the 4th of October. At 7:30 pm ET, there will be a “blue” carpet event before the show starts airing. It will involve the arrival of all kinds of celebrities and athletes. It is expected to include some of the biggest WWE superstars and legends.

SmackDown Live’s First Episode

The first episode of SmackDown Live on Fox will take place in the Los Angeles, Staples Center. This obviously makes The Miz the obvious choice as a host, as Los Angeles is his home base.

Changes Set To Happen For SmackDown

With SmackDown Live moving to Fox Network, it is no stretch of the imagination that there will be some changes. Here are the changes we are certain of.

Name Change

One of the things that is absolutely happening is a name change for the show. In the future, the show will be referred to as “Friday Night SmackDown”, a moniker chosen by Fox network in their promotional materials.

The name change does not come as a big surprise, especially when you consider that Fox also airs “Thursday Night Football”. It seems like the WWE will be blending with Fox’ resident brands.

Superstar Shakeup

A superstar shakeup is undoubtedly in the cards and has been announced by the WWE already, especially since the wildcard rule is out of the window. Of course, it leaves us wondering which superstar will end up on Friday Night SmackDown. We already have some ideas.

Superstars Likely To Be Brought To Friday Night SmackDown

There are bound to be some superstars that will remain on SmackDown, and some that will be moved. Here are our thoughts.

Charlotte Flair

As Charlotte Flair is one of the biggest female superstars, it is likely she will end up on SmackDown. Not only is she one of the four horsewomen, she is arguably one of the most dominant champions in the history of WWE wrestling.

The Miz

The Miz

Being one of the most popular people on the main roster at the moment, and having a long-standing history with SmackDown Live, The Miz is likely to end up on the blue brand. Of course, his successful reality show will also pull in some extra people for October 4th.



The blue brand will need some high-flying ability, and what superstar is more suitable for this goal than Ricochet? As a new star from NXT, there are plenty of potential feuds for him on the blue brand.

Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

It is highly possible that the Women’s Tag Team Championships will be moved to the blue brand too. It also opens up a lot of possibilities for the women on the roster, as many of them are currently on the bench backstage.

Ember Moon

Moon could use a little bit of exposure, so why not take the opportunity to put this enigmatic wrestler on SmackDown Live? While she has not obtained the same status as Alexa Bliss or Charlotte Flair, she will if she gets the opportunity.

The Kabuki Warriors

The Kabuki Warriors

The current Women’s Tag Team Champions will need someone to feud with, and who better than the Kabuki Warriors, who have been dreadfully underused at this point?

The New Day

WWE Kofi Kingston

If the WWE want to attract more viewers to SmackDown Live, they simply have to keep New Day on their roster. Preferably with Kofi Kingston as the champion and Brock Lesnar as far away from SmackDown as possible.

The Revival

WWE The Revival

They are a great tag team and would be an excellent addition. As they are the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, it is likely they will remain.

Johnny Gargano

Even though Johnny Gargano is still on the NXT roster at this point, the WWE could benefit greatly by putting him on the SmackDown roster. Even though a part of me does want him to stay on NXT for the amazing matches, Gargano is one of the best wrestlers I have seen in a very long time. When it comes down to matches, Johnny Gargano is bound to please die-hard wrestling fans who tune in to the blue brand.

The Undisputed Era

Another Top NXT Star Pulled From Shows
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SmackDown Live could use another strong faction like The New Day, so why not choose polar opposites with the heel faction Undisputed Era? Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Roderick Strong, and Kyle O’Riley are bound to entertain big.

Tommaso Ciampa

Good heels are difficult to come by, but one of the best in recent history from all the brands is Tommaso Ciampa. Naming his championship belt “Goldie” and heckling with an old lady from the crowd are some of the things that make him such a fantastic heel. You love to hate Ciampa, unlike Baron Corbin.

Bringing Ciampa and Gargano to the main roster together brings more possibilities, as they had one of the best feuds of the year on NXT. Whether you put them together as DIY or separately in another timeless feud, you really cannot lose.

Even though Ciampa is still injured after neck surgery, it is expected that he will return to NXT in the fall. With his return pending, it might be time to build some future storylines.

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