Mojo Rawley Wants A New Tag Partner + Alexa Bliss As GM?

Mojo Rawley has not done much lately, but he apparently has big plans, or at least goals, for 2020 with a dream tag partner. And will Alexa Bliss be GM?

Mojo Rawley Wants A New Tag Partner

Mojo Rawley hasn’t been doing much lately. The man who won himself an Andre The Giant battle royal a couple years back has been very low key since then. Before going out as a singles competitor, he did have a niche as a tag team.

In an interview with TMZ, apparently Mojo wants to get his tag team groove back. But, he doesn’t want just any partner, and he’s even got a specific time and place in mind for a big match.

That specific partner? Recently retired former New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski. The time and place? SummerSlam, in Boston next August.

Gronk and Mojo go way back. Gronk actually got in the ring and involved during the aforementioned battle royal. It’s been discussed before if a big man like Rob Gronkowski would jump to WWE for a post-NFL career, so this isn’t all that crazy. Plus, with SummerSlam in Boston next year, even if it ends up being some form of a special attraction match, Gronk is immensely popular in the area, so perhaps he helps bring in some fans. Stranger things have happened.

Alexa Bliss Wants To Be GM?

-Little Miss Bliss is hopefully not going anywhere anytime soon, but one half of WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Champions does have a plan for life outside of the ring. Given her injury history, especially recently, that’s probably a wise thing to do.

While she was unable to wrestle recently, WWE had her as an authority figure on television. She also served as the figurehead host for this year’s WrestleMania.

Bliss told Fightful that she envisions herself in a general manager type role, whenever she needs to step away from wrestling. Given her personality and presence, she could do well in such a role. The challenge, of course, is that since late last year, WWE moved away from having show general managers. That doesn’t mean they won’t bring them back, of course. Either way, here’s hoping Alexa won’t need to become GM for a long time.

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