Goldberg – Dolph Ziggler Done? + ‘Fake Razor Ramon’ Passes Away

Goldberg & Dolph Ziggler recently had an altercation, but it seems that prorgam is done. Also, Rick Bognar (aka Fake Razor Ramon) has passed away

Goldberg – Dolph Ziggler Program Not Continuing After Las Vegas Altercation

Goldberg had one of the worst matches of the year in his defeat to the Undertaker at Super ShowDown. While their age might have been a factor, Goldberg suffering a concussion minutes into the bout did not help. To make people forget that match, WWE had Goldberg squash Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam in August.

Then, a few weeks ago Goldberg and Ziggler got into an altercation in Las Vegas, which was caught on film and spread via social media. The two were working fans and many believed it would lead to a rematch or some type of angle at the upcoming SmackDown 20th Anniversary show on Fox.

Apparently, the angle was filmed on September 20 at a birthday party for porn star and director Kendra Lust. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how there no plans for any type of follow-up on WWE TV. For now, it seems like the two were just using the moment to get fans buzzing.

As we previously reported, Paul Heyman wants to see Goldberg still appear on WWE TV. The idea is for Goldberg to work a few matches per year, where he would destroy his opponents. This pattern would continue for several years, until that spot would then go to Brock Lesnar.

For those who missed the Goldberg-Ziggler altercation, below is the clip.

“Fake Razor Ramon” Rick Bognar Passes Away At 49 Years Old

Rick Bognar, who is best known to wrestling fans for portraying the “Fake Razor Ramon,” in WWE passed away on September 20. He was 49 years old and at this time, there is no word on what led to his passing.

As seen down below, the Cauliflower Alley Club broke the unfortunate news. From everyone at WrestleNewz, we send our condolences to the friends and family of Bognar.

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