Frankie Edgar Will Fight Conor McGregor at 170 if That’s What it Takes

Recently Frankie Edgar reported he's willing to fight Conor McGregor at any weight, and it looks like the legend is serious...

After Conor McGregor recently mentioned Frankie Edgar’s one of the fighters he’s still interested in facing, the latter responded by saying he was down, anytime, and at any weight. Well, if you thought Edgar might be exaggerating just a bit, well, it looks like he may not have been.

Frankie Edgar
Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

McGregor’s recent comments

During a recent interview with ESPN, McGregor was asked about who he wants to fight next. One of the fighters McGregor mentioned was Edgar, in fact, the star said the former lightweight champ was at “the top of the list”. Well, not surprisingly, McGregor’s statements quickly got back to Edgar. The New Jersey fighter responded to McGregor by saying he’d fight him “anytime” and at “any weight class”.

Edgar doubles down

Since then, Edgar spoke with TMZ, and of course, he was asked about the possibility of fighting McGregor. Here’s some of what the 37-year-old had to say (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“It gave me hope that maybe I can get a fight with him,” Edgar said. “I’ve been trying to fight this guy for a really long time. I know he’s mentioned my name before, so who knows if it’s him throwing a lot of (expletive) on the wall and see if something sticks. But I’m game – he knows I’m game. I know I’m supposed to go down to bantamweight. Obviously (I) would delay that for the McGregor fight.

“I’ll fight wherever he wants to fight. We can do it at welterweight if he feels. He’s going to be bigger than me no matter where we fight at, so I’m game. I’ve kind of been trying to watch my weight a little bit now that bantamweight’s coming, but I wouldn’t mind pouring some pounds on now.”

“…I’m game – any weight, any time. We can do it really anywhere. That’s a fight you get remembered for.”

How about that? These comments embody who Edgar is and they’re a demonstration of why the veteran’s so beloved. He almost certainly, would fight McGregor at welterweight, if his team and the UFC let him.

At the end of the day, however, it’s still difficult imagining this fight going down next, nevermind at 170. Dana White wasn’t on board with McGregor fighting Masvidal, since according to the UFC President, Masvidal’s too big. So, will get behind Edgar – McGregor, at say, 155? When Edgar has been planning to drop down to bantamweight? And when there are options for McGregor? Like the winner of Donald Cerrone – Justin Gaethje? Or a rematch with Max Holloway?

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