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Darci Lynne Farmer won the hearts of Americans two years ago when she won the twelfth season of “America’s Got Talent.” The child ventriloquist is now a teenager and she returned to the show that helped make her a household name. Once again she wow’d the AGT crowd with her ventriloquism skills that are on par with someone three times her age.

Darci Lynne Farmer Looks More Mature In Recent “AGT” Performance

One thing that fans immediately noticed is how Darci Lynne looks so grown up. She’s still only 14, but she is much more mature looking and sounding than the 12-year-old who first hit the national stage, earning Mel B’s Golden Buzzer before eventually winning it all. Her voice has changed a bit. You’ll be shocked at the voice range she is able to attain all while singing with her mouth closed! She actually sings better than many contestants sing with their mouth open. RELATED: Darci Farmer Stuns The Crowd Yodeling With Her Mouth Shut!

For this “America’s Got Talent” performance, Darci brought along her sidekick Petunia. What’s shocking is that this young teen sang “It’s A Man’s World” without moving her lips. This is a tough song to sing in any situation and she did it in epic fashion. It’s hard to imagine James Brown singing this without moving his lips – or his hips! Darci Lynne took this classic from The Godfather of Soul and put a completely different spin on it.

Darci Lynne Is Still A Fan Favorite At Age 14

It’s easy to understand why so many people believe Darci Lynne is one of those “America’s Got Talent” winners who will never be replaced. She very well might be the show’s best winner ever and, at just 14-years-old, she has her entire career ahead of her. She can sing pitch perfect without moving her lips and she has a terrific sense of humor, particularly for someone her age. RELATED: We Found The One Person Walter Likes: Darci Lynne

You can watch Darci Lynne’s most recent amazing “America’s Got Talent” performance in the video below. You’ll be wondering how she can sing “mmmm” without moving her mouth.

This kid’s potential is unbelievable. She is already a superstar and she is only going to improve with age. Even after winning “America’s Got Talent,” and shooting to stardom, she still appears to be incredibly grounded. A strong family is essential for child stars and Darci Lynne appears to have one.

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