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Darci Lynne Farmer won the hearts of millions of Americans during her performances on America’s Got Talent. The Oklahoma 12-year-old isn’t just an amazing ventriloquist, but she’s a skilled singer as well. On top of that, she even yodels!

During her first performance in Las Vegas after winning the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, Darci brought her puppet Katie out for the audience. Katie wasn’t at all happy about taking a backseat to Petunia during the nationally televised contest. She spoke her mind to Darci about being stuffed in a box for 6 months when Darci went off the Hollywood.

A video of that performance is below. Amazingly, Darci voices Katie’s yodeling song both loudly and clearly, all while keeping her mouth closed. This kid’s talent is remarkable! As you can imagine, some in the audience were surprised to see this talented youngster yodeling in this manner.

Watch and be amazed!

Darci is quite the entertainer. Not only can she sing and voice her puppets, but her comedic timing is always on point! Her talents far exceed her age. It’s hard to imagine anyone three times her age being able to perform as well as this pre-teen does.

Nothing seems too big to stand in her way. During the America’s Got Talent finale, she performed with her puppets Oscar and Petunia. This performance began with the two puppets bickering, but ended with them both singing “With A Little Help From My Friends.” It was absolutely flawless. Darci is not only a great ventriloquist, but she can sing well in two voices at the same time. That’s an amazing accomplishment. Click here to see that performance.

Darci Farmer never seems to stop surprising us with her talent. Her star is just beginning to rise. She’s got a very bright future in front of her!

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