Colby Covington Offers His Side of When Friendship With “Jealous” Jorge Masvidal Ended

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington have gone from friends to rivals, and recently "Chaos" provided his take on when and why that began to happen.

Just last month, Colby Covington was still calling Jorge Masvidal his “best friend” and denied the two had any issues. But now “Chaos” has made statements that go against those comments.

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Covington and Masvidal’s recent war of words

For some time, Masvidal and Covington talked about their friendship through the media. But, last month, things started to go off the rails – at least publicly – when Colby referred to Masvidal as a “journeyman”. The controversial fighter said Masvidal remained his best friend, but since it was announced that “Gamebred” is going to face Nate Diaz in the headliner of UFC 244, November 2nd, things have really escalated. Case in point, recently Masvidal said he’ll be looking for Covington at the American Top Team gym.

Covington’s most recent comments

Well, more recently, Covington spoke to MMA Fighting. While discussing his now fractured relationship with Masvidal, “Chaos” made these claims:

“When he got beat up by Demian Maia and then I had to come up and clean up the scraps and completely decimate Demian Maia in his hometown of Sao Paulo, that’s when the relationship ended,” Covington claimed. “Jorge got jealous. He got bitter. He wanted something that he couldn’t have, which was beating Demian Maia and be in position to fight for the title.

“Then as soon as I won the belt, that’s when he completely turned on me and he started talking s—t to me at the gym, at fights he’s saying stuff to me. I’m like dude stop. You’re a light round. You want to see how me and Jorge goes? Go look on YouTube. I wasn’t even trying hard. I know the haters don’t know how to turn on a girl but they should learn to turn on YouTube.”

“He’s up in his feelings,” Covington said. “I’m the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Jorge is the ultimate feelings champion. He’s all up in his feelings…”

Of course, it’s always difficult to ascertain with Covington what’s real and what’s not, when he makes statements. People close to him, and at one point that included Masvidal, have said he’s a different person than the persona he showcases publicly. Even when he is interviewed, whether he’s making controversial statements or not, his comments often sound rehearsed or forced. So, was Masvidal truly “jealous” after Covington decisively beat Maia in 2017? From the outside looking in, it’s impossible to say.

One thing is certain, however; Masvidal’s star power has never been bigger. He’s coming off two, electrifying, knockout wins, and is booked for what will likely be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fights of the year.

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