‘The Brady Bunch’ Is Back To Renovate Their House And Remember Their TV Parents

HGTV is bringing back "The Brady Bunch" to renovate their TV home. With such a challenging remodel, many Brady antics are likely to ensue.

“The Brady Bunch” is one of those shows that doesn’t have generational limits. Parents have been watching reruns of the beloved series with their kids decades after the show ended. HGTV is tapping into the nostalgia with “A Very Brady Renovation” that airs tonight. Brady fans are excited to see the six “kids” back together and working on the common goal of restoring their TV house.

HGTV Paid $3.5 Million For “The Brady Bunch” Home

HGTV purchased the house at 11222 Dilling St. in Studio City, California that was the backdrop for the series for a steep $3.5 million. This wasn’t the only steep investment. The show was never filmed inside the house, but rather on a Hollywood set. This house is a ranch, while the show had the Bradys living in a two story home. The Brady children had a huge undertaking to renovate this house to the style it was in “The Brady Bunch” glory days. Typical Brady antics are likely to ensue. RELATED: Brady Bunch Reunites to Renovate Their Iconic House for New Show

Brady Kids Honored Robert Reed And Florence Henderson

While all six of the Brady children will be there, there will be three glaring absences. Florence Henderson and Robert Reed who played Mr. and Mrs. Brady have passed away, as has Ann B. Davis, who portrayed their maid Alice. While the elders are now gone, the younger Bradys did not forgot about them during this massive renovation. RELATED: Maureen McCormick Shares What Saved Her From Jail

“We couldn’t sit at the dining room table without recognizing there are a few people missing. Standing on those famous stairs to take a photo, you could just feel those who were missing,” Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady shared. “Even just walking into the front door of the house, we remembered Bob walking in saying, ‘Hi honey, I’m home.’ I think we all rationalized that they were there with us in their own way.”

“We remembered them every day,” Eve Plumb, who fans know as Jan Brady, said. “We had scenes with them in every room. As we went back and forth during the remodel looking at old scenes, they were there with us.”

The Brady’s popularity has long exceeded the show’s cancellation almost a half century ago.

Here’s a scene from one episode that’s sure to take you back:

Many nostalgic fans will be tuning in to see the gang back together working on a common goal of renovating their TV home. But, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about the TV siblings living together in the house for a reality series.

“There was so much joy for us doing the remodel, I don’t think we need to take it there. It could be the portal to hell,” Christopher Knight said.

Take a look at the trailer for  “A Very Brady Renovation” right here:

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