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Tough love from her parents and her future husband saved beloved child star Maureen McCormick’s life. The “Brady Bunch” star shared that her life was in utter chaos due to her cocaine addiction. Her loved ones intervened, saving her from herself by issuing some serious ultimatums.

Like many child stars, McCormick’s life fell apart after “The Brady Bunch” ended. Many people still compared her to her fictional character Marcia Brady and that level of perfection put an unfair amount of pressure on the teen. In response, she turned to cocaine, wrecking her personal and professional relationships.

This is a story similar to what many American families experience when children turn to drugs in this fast-paced world. You don’t have to be in Hollywood to know this struggle.

She’s sharing her story of getting clean to help others learn from her past. In the end, tough love is what saved this child actress who has entertained generations of Americans. Coddling someone with a drug addiction doesn’t get them on the path to sobriety. Her parents were at their wits ends and ready to help send her to jail. The thought of Marcia Brady behind bars would have been a large pill for many of us to swallow.

“My mom and dad, they almost turned me into the cops,” McCormick said. “They were at their last … ’cause they had been trying for years and knew something was going on and I was pretty sneaky and I could hide very, very well.”

When she relapsed while dating her now-husband, Michael Cummings, he also served her up some tough love in the form of an ultimatum. He was not signing up for a life tied to an habitual drug offender.

The actress reports that she“met this guy  — it was before we were married and we were just dating — and I had my last relapse and he came to me and he said, ‘if you ever do this drug again, I’m gone, I’m leaving.’”

This was enough to wake McCormick up and give her the courage to beat back her addiction. Many families have been forced to draw a line in the sand like this. Enabling an addict just keeps them on a deadly path while cutting the cord can be the dose of reality they might need.

McCormick also has another piece of advice for addicts and their families. The addicts need to leave their user friends behind. Holding on can lead you to relapse.

“I recommend to anyone who’s struggling to throw that phone book out and do not, do not hang out with anyone who’s using,” she advises. “I had to literally say goodbye to so many people that I was hanging out with.”

Maureen McCormick was very open about her battle with drug addiction while on “Dancing With The Stars.” That interview can be seen below.

Source: US Weekly

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