What Would You Do?

There are adults among us who are unable to read. It’s sometimes hard to believe this because so many of us take reading for granted. They all have their own stories as to why they missed out on a proper education, but they certainly still deserve respect. The TV show “What Would You Do?” put this topic at the forefront of their episode and let the scene play out in a coffee shop in Alabama.

Twenty two million American adults are illiterate. That’s an astounding number. Many of these folks had to give up their education in order to help support their families. School isn’t much of a priority when you don’t have money for food or housing. This doesn’t mean illiterate people are dumb. It means they put their family ahead of themselves during a very tough time.

In this episode of “What Would You Do?” they filmed in Jasper, Alabama. A barista was taking orders at a coffee shop that also serves ice cream. A man walked up and ordered a milkshake, but he claimed he couldn’t see the different flavors on the board and asked her to read them. When she handed him a pocket menu, he sheepishly admitted to being illiterate. That’s when the barista openly shamed him for everyone to hear. The disheartened man’s expressions really cuts through your heart. RELATED: Man With Down Syndrome Bullied At A Restaurant But Watch The Others Patrons

This tight-knit community showed off its big heart when the man was cruelly humiliated. Every time this scenario was reenacted, someone rushed to the man’s defense. It seemed each admirable person who intervened personally knew someone who was illiterate.

Rather than just barking back at the rude barista, some of the caring people read the milkshake list to the man. They even told him their recommendations. The video below will warm your heart and remind you that not everyone is fortunate enough to have an education.

It’s hard to imagine what a challenge it would be to go through life without being able to read. Imagine not knowing what you are signing or even being able to order a milkshake properly. We take all of this for granted and we must remember to always be kind when someone’s circumstances are not our own.

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