Triple H’s NXT Role Moving Forward + Vince McMahon Stepping Away?

Triple H's NXT Role Moving Forward + Vince McMahon Stepping Away?

Triple H And His NXT Role

-When rumors of NXT jumping to FS1, and ultimately to USA, started bubbling up-especially with the show becoming a live affair-rumblings of Vince McMahon taking over were dominating things. Fans of the black and yellow brand were justifiably concerned.

After all, NXT has been a labor of love by Triple H. As great as he may have been in a WWE ring, his greatest contribution to wrestling may very well be the WWE developmental promotion.

Following yesterday’s confirmation that the brand will start running two hour live shows every week beginning September 18th on USA, there’s some new information coming out. Best of all, it’s a reason to be very optimistic for things moving forward.

Specifically, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the NXT product is not expected to change in any way for the move over to USA (other than the show being live, and longer). This includes keeping Triple H at the helm, which is wise and encouraging.

Also, considering Vince isn’t getting any younger, it probably makes sense. Give Paul more time working with NXT, this time as a live weekly show, so he can better step in on RAW and SmackDown when it’s his time.

Vince McMahon Stepping Away?

-Speaking of Vince, the Wrestling Observer reports that he was not at either RAW or SmackDown this week. His absence was explained as being tied to XFL related meetings. With that league ramping up activities, it seems that more time away may be coming.

Per the report, it appears that, depending on how the NXT-USA and SmackDown-Fox transitions go, McMahon is prepared to step away from RAW and SmackDown, though only on a temporary basis.

With some new head men in charge, and recent shows starting to look much improved, there’s reason to hope McMahon does take his time off and see what Heyman, Bischoff and Levesque can do in his absence.