Rob Gronkowski Calls Out WWE Superstar, PPV From Overseas?

Rob Gronkowski might be retried from the NFL, but he still wants to get physical; just against a WWE superstar. Also, a 2020 PPV might be from overseas.

Rob Gronkowski Calls Out Mojo Rawley For Potential WWE Match

Rob Gronkowski knows his way around a WWE ring, helping his friend Mojo Rawley win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33.  Now, the retired NFL football player is calling out Mojo.

“My friend’s [Mojo] in there and he’s a little wimp,” said Gronkowski to TMZ Sports. “So, I gotta go in that ring and whoop his a—!”

The two are fiends outside of WWE and this is something WWE might want to capitalize on. Gronkowski is well liked and a known name outside of the NFL. There have bee rumors of him returning to the NFL, so WWE would need to act quick as he would not be allowed to get physical in both companies. If a match does happen, it would be the biggest moment of Mojo’s WWE career; which peaked by winning the battle royal back in 2017.

WWE Pay Per View Happening Overseas?

Recently, the SmackDown brand went on a South American tour and stopped in Bogota, Colombia. They sold-out the live event and the crowd was said to be hot from start to finish.

Coming off such a strong show, there is already talk of their return. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they stated how some within WWE want a live show to air overseas next year as their superstars also had a good time thanks to the crowd. WWE rarely films outside of the United States, with the exception being Canada; where SummerSlam came from earlier in the month.

As for the overseas shows, that could mean a special which airs on the WWE Network or even a pay per view. Odds are a WWE special as it would cost less to film on a production end.

Even if nothing makes it to air, WWE will return to Columbia in 2020. Several shows next year are also being discussed.

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