Miley Cyrus Addresses Infidelity Rumors in Lengthy Tweetstorm

The PR war is heating up and it's uglier than we imagined.

Divorce is never fun. It’s a brutal process that sometimes turns into an all-out war. It now appears that is the path that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are taking as they end their brief marriage. Accusations of infidelity and drug abuse are being waged against each star. Miley took the battle to promote her side of the story to Twitter when she fired off multiple tweets about her marriage and divorce.

RUMORS: Liam Has a Drug Problem While Miley Is a Cheater

An insider in Hemsworth’s camp fueled rumors regarding the “Party In The USA” star’s infidelity being the cause of the split of this longtime couple who waited until December 23rd of last year to get married. This did not sit well with the former Disney child star who shattered her wholesome reputation shortly after becoming an adult. (RELATED: Report: Liam Hemsworth Camp Cites Infidelity for Split With Miley Cyrus, Her Camp Claims It Was His Drug Abuse)

In her lengthy Tweetstorm, the former “Hannah Montana” star admitted to being a cheater but she claimed that only happened when she was “young.” Many consider the now 25-year-old singer to still be young.

 Miley Claims She’s Not a Cheater Despite Kissing Someone Else

Despite being caught kissing Kaitlynn Carter before the split was announced, Cyrus claimed she will always love her husband, who filed for divorce last week. In recent days, Miley insiders claimed her husband has serious drug issues and that was the cause of the divorce. (RELATED: Liam Hemsworth Files for Divorce From Miley Cyrus)

After reading Miley’s tweets below, Hemsworth might be thankful that he is putting this relationship in the rearview mirror.

Cyrus and the Australian actor had a prenuptial agreement which should make the division of assets quite simple, but the public relations war is heating up.

The couple who met on the set of The Last Song, didn’t have any children, but they had multiple pets. In California, custody of pets can be awarded by a judge. Joint custody is even something a judge can order. Given that Cyrus and Hemsworth have seven dogs, 2 mini-horses, three cats, two horses, and a pig, this could have been a legal mess. Miley rescued the animals, but Liam saved them as their house was destroyed by California wildfires. Each of them earned standing to get the pets.

But, TMZ reports the divorcing couple has reached an agreement. Miley Cyrus is getting custody of all their pets. Hemsworth must have picked his battles and realized this wasn’t a fight worth having.

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