meghan markle ibiza
meghan markle ibiza

It has just been revealed that Meghan Markle secretly went all out for her 38th birthday, flying to Ibiza on a private jet with her husband Prince Harry and their baby son Archie.

Meghan Jets Off To Ibiza

The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that the trio allegedly flew to Ibiza on a private jet on August 6, two days after Meghan’s birthday, and that they spent the next six days there. Fox News reported that the trio stayed in a private villa during their time on the sun-soaked island.

Prior to her marriage to Harry, Meghan traveled to Ibiza often and would document her trips there on Instagram. Kensington Palace has yet to comment on the alleged trip, which would have been Archie’s first time traveling outside of the United Kingdom.

This news will undoubtedly not endear Meghan to people who have accused her of overspending British tax dollars since joining the British royal family. This comes after she was slammed for being “extravagant” as it was revealed that she spent $514,000 in the final months of 2018. So far this year, Meghan has come under fire for a $3.8 million taxpayer-funded home renovation and a $379,000 baby shower. Royal expert Angela Levin said that this spending has “not gone down well” with taxpayers.

Meghan Blasted For Overspending

“I think Meghan on occasion has been extravagant, which has not gone down well,” Levin said. “The Queen is known to be frugal and some members of the British public have balked at a proportion of their tax going towards what they consider to be frivolity.”

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Levin went on to describe the money spent on the baby shower in particular, which was attended by many Hollywood celebrities in New York City, as an “excessive amount whoever offered to pay for it, especially for someone who calls herself a humanitarian.”

“It is, so I have been told, one of many reasons why all Harry and Meghan’s staff and offices are in the process of moving to Buckingham Palace, where even their newly hired PR director, Sara Latham, will be expected to report to the Queen’s,” Levin said.

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Meghan Needs To Change Her Ways

However, judging from this Ibiza trip, it does not seem that Meghan has learned her lesson about overspending. It’s important for her to remember how lucky she is to be living a taxpayer-funded lifestyle, and she should not be abusing this by spending her subjects’ hard-earned tax dollars on so many lavish vacations. If Meghan does not get her act together soon, her status as a royal may be in danger in the long run.

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