Mass shooting threat

A Florida mom enabling her son’s online threat about a mass shooting at a high school is shocking people around the country. The Volusia County Sheriff posted the now-viral video of the encounter when they arrested the 15-year-old on felony charges for threatening to kill at least 7 people at Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach.

15-Year-Old Threatened To Kill Seven At Florida High School

The young teen, who is not being identified because of his age, posted on Discord, an app with a chat function, that he was going to use his dad’s “M-15″ to “kill seven people at a minimum” using the online name Dalton Barnhart. These are not words to take lightly, but that’s exactly what this mom did. The mother completely dismissed the threat her son had made and enabled his violence by saying, “He’s just a little boy.”

“He didn’t do anything wrong. Yes, he’s 15, but he’s still a little boy. He’s not one of those crazy people out there doing stuff,” she continued. “He shouldn’t be treated as though he’s a terrorist or something because he made a silly statement on a stupid video game.”

The mother admitted there is a gun in the house but she was still unconcerned about his behavior and continued blaming a video game, insisting her son was just joking. (RELATED: Student’s Joke About Math Symbol Could Get Him Expelled!)

The police stayed remarkably calm while faced with this incredibly poor example of parenting. The mother refused to see that her son was responsible for his own actions and that police are required to investigate these very alarming threats directed at a school. While the mother would not hold her son accountable, the police did. (RELATED: Dr. Phil Is Disgusted By Out Of Control Teen These Parents Raised)

Mom Claimed 15-Year-Old Was Joking When He Threatened Mass Shooting

“This is the world we live in, where people think it’s funny to say I’m going to go kill people at school,” the deputy said as the boy was being handcuffed and taken to juvenile detention. “He made the charge, he’s going to face the consequences.”

Commenters on the viral video have been very supportive of the police officers who told the clueless mom that her son doesn’t need video games and they certainly aren’t an excuse for issuing such a disturbing threat. Police have to take this teen’s post seriously and now he is facing some very serious and life-changing consequences.

You can’t phone in parenting. You need to be engaged in your children’s lives. This mom was asleep at the wheel. Hopefully, this will wake her up so she can stop enabling her son and start parenting him.

The video below will likely make everyone else feel like Parent of the Year.

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