John Wayne Stalin KGB
John Wayne Stalin KGB

John Wayne was a movie star unlike any other. He was a man’s man who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. As a proud American who wore his patriotism on his sleeve, this put him at odds with liberals and their Communist counterparts. That didn’t influence him to change his ways, though. When KGB agents were hired to kill him, Duke concocted a plan to not only get rid of them but also to bring them on our side.

Joseph Stalin viewed John Wayne as a threat since the actor was so fiercely American. Hollywood stars held enormous influence over people throughout the world and Wayne was a big part of that problem, according to Stalin. The Soviet leader wanted Wayne dead and a hit was put out on the legendary American actor. (RELATED: Liberals Call For John Wayne’s Name To Be Removed from Airport)

According to the biography John Wayne – The Man Behind The Myth, Wayne was apparently informed by Soviet filmmaker Sergei Gerasimovthat in 1949 that Stalin ordered his death. Duke wasn’t one to hide from Communists, so he and his scriptwriter Jimmy Grant kidnapped the hitmen. They took the KGB agents to the beach and staged a mock execution.

The KGB Agents Sent To Kill John Wayne Began Working For The FBI

That’s not where the drama ended. Wayne’s friends allege that KGB agents that were sent to kill him began working for the FBI. (RELATED: Liberals Call for John Wayne’s Name to Be Removed from Airport)

Stalin and other Communists obviously noticed that Wayne was never assassinated. In 1953, Chairman Mao tried again by sending a new group of killers to Mexico. They wanted to off the famous actor on the set of Hondo.

During these years that Wayne knew there were orders on his life by foreign enemies, he refused FBI protection. This brave man was much like those strong men he portrayed on the big screen. When faced with such enormous obstacles, he handled it himself. (RELATED: This Boy Didn’t Know How To Swim But John Wayne Quickly Solved That)

Khrushchev Apologized To John Wayne

Joseph Stalin died in 1953. Five years later, Wayne met with Nikita Khrushchev. The Soviet leader informed the actor that the hit on his life was rescinded and an apology was given. This story would have made a phenomenal movie!

Wayne never backed down from stating how proud he was to be an American. He wanted those values instilled in his own children. In the video below, Duke explains to Dean Martin how he wanted his children to know how lucky they were to live in the United States. His legacy continues because he planted seeds of freedom in his children and in all of his fans.

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