dog dating bonnie jo
dog dating bonnie jo

Bonnie Chapman, the daughter of Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, just leapt to his defense after rumors swirled that he was already dating again just a few weeks after the death of his beloved wife Beth.

Dog Spotted With Mystery Woman

Fox News reported that the rumors started after Dog was seen having dinner with a mystery woman weeks after Beth’s June 26th passing, but Bonnie is denying that he is seeing her.

“Pissed on my father’s behalf that he can’t go on a business dinner without someone speculating he’s on a date,” Bonnie, 20, wrote on her Instagram story. “Leave our family alone please. Leave my father alone, let him try to continue our business in peace.”

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“If you really wanna know who she is, she’s a member of our crew, and dad was out with 8 other people at that dinner,” Bonnie added.

Bonnie Says Dog Won’t Date Again

Bonnie had said last month that her father would never date again after Beth died.

“Nope, he found his soulmate,” she said. “No one can replace her in his heart. Their love was one of a kind, it made me believe love truly exists.”

Beth passed away at the age of 51 from lung cancer, and before her passing, she told Dog that she did not want him dating another woman.

“For two to three years, she knew this might happen. So she would say, ‘Who is going to sit next to you?’ And I said, ‘No one,”’ Dog said after her death. ”’Big Daddy, you better not let another girl take my place.’ I said, ‘I won’t.'”

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Dog Struggles With Beth’s Passing

Dog has been open about the fact that he has struggled since Beth died.

“In a new experience that you have, you don’t know how you’re doing because you’ve never experienced it,” Dog said. “I have a lot of people that depend on me. All my supervisors said, ‘Dog, it’s time you man up.’ So I’m trying to man up. I am a cry baby. I blame it on my heritage. I can cry talking about crying so I would be crying through the whole thing and I sob, I can’t stop it. So I can’t do that. And decisions, you can’t do that, you can’t use that as an excuse. So manning up would be, not get over it, but face it, take over it.”

It’s sad that rumors are already swirling that Dog is dating someone else when he clearly is just trying to grieve Beth. It’s time for everyone to just leave Dog and his family alone so that they can mourn Beth in peace.

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