Confederate Railroad

Lead singer Danny Shirley of the country rock band Confederate Railroad just issued a defiant message to liberals who are demanding that the group change its name, saying that they will never do so.

Fox News reported that Confederate Railroad has been facing serious backlash in recent weeks over their name. In fact, they’re being dropped from many lineups, including the upcoming Ulster County Fair in New York. Just last week, a spokesperson for Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan blasted the band.

He said their logo that depicts a steam train flying dual Confederate flags and is “a symbol of division and racism.” Despite this, lead singer Danny Shirley says they will not change their name.

Danny Shirley Responds To Backlash

“I am who I am. We do what we do. I’ve been performing for more than 43 years and, hell, I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “Through that time me and the boys have been out playing for and connecting with audiences around the world with everyone having a good time. That’s what brings people together.”

“Lately, there have been a few officials who decided they didn’t want anyone to see us. But I’ve truly been humbled and overwhelmed by the outcry from the fans and our fellow artists saying they really do want to see us,” he continued. “Look, if you don’t want to come see us, that’s your choice. We’re listening to you. You’ll just miss out on a damn good time. To the fans who have stuck with us over the years though, thank you very much! You know who we are. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

“I am who I am. We will keep doing what we do. The name of my band ain’t gonna change,” Shirley concluded. “If you’ve never seen us before, maybe this is the time to come out and see what this is all about.”

This comes one month after Confederate Railroad was dropped from the Du Quoin State Fair in Du Quoin, Illinois, and Shirley said at the time that it was “disappointing” to learn the news.

“The people that don’t like the name of the band aren’t going to be fans anyway.”

“We had played there before and it had gone great,” Shirley said. “We were looking forward to playing.”

Times Were Different

When Shirley helped found the country rock band in 1987, he never could have imagined that the name would one day earn them backlash.

“The attitude in the country was totally different then,” he said, adding that they simply named the band after a train that existed in the South during the Civil War. “The people that don’t like the name of the band aren’t going to be fans anyway. The last thing you want to do to the people who have supported all these years is to turn on them. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and keep having fun onstage.”

These days, liberals try to destroy anything that “offends” them in even the slightest of ways. Shirley is right that most of the liberals who are offended probably have not even listened to Confederate Railroad’s music.

Appeasing them would mean submitting to PC-obsessed leftists over sticking with the fans who have gotten them this far.

Hopefully, Confederate Railroad can stick to their guns and continue to brave this backlash from “triggered” liberals.

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