Confederate Avenue

Atlanta is making a big move to erase its Confederate history. The city is changing the names of three streets that mentioned its role in the Civil War.

After last summer’s white nationalist rally in Virginia, activists took aim at Confederate statues. The name changes of these streets is an extension of that. Some residents have long complained that this nod to the past should be erased and now that is happening.

Mayor Keisha Bottoms has signed legislation to do away with Confederate Ave, Confederate Court, and East Confederate Ave. Beginning on Martin Luther King Day, the names will respectively become United Avenue, Trestletree Court, and United Avenue, SE. City Council voted unanimously for the name change.

“The imagery and symbolism of these names and monuments represent systematic injustice, persecution and cruelty. That is not who we are as a city,” Mayor Bottoms said after signing off on the name changes.

Streets and statues honoring the Confederacy were originally created and named in three eras; after the Civil War, during Jim Crow, and in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Brown v Board of Education decision outlawing racial discrimination.

While many say this name change is a long time coming, others believe it is never a good idea to erase history. Like it or not, Atlanta was in the Confederacy during the Civil War. History can repeat itself, particularly when it is forgotten.

It’s imperative to continue teaching the actual history of the Civil War rather than something dressed up to protect feelings. History can be brutal and while mistakes shouldn’t be celebrated, they also shouldn’t be forgotten.

More information about the name changes of these three streets is in the video below.

Source: NPR

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