Brock Lesnar To SmackDown + Samoa Joe Still Turning?

Will we actually see Brock Lesnar on the blue brand? if advertising for the Staples Center show are right, we just might. Plus, is Joe going to turn?

-It’s already been covered that, when SmackDown Live debuts on Fox in October, WWE will be holding a big anniversary themed show. For that show, numerous legends and Hall of Famers are being advertised to be a part of the show. This show will be coming at us live from Los Angeles in the Staples Center.

Well, according to the arena website, just about every RAW and SmackDown Superstar is due to be there-and it seems this may also include a rare blue brand appearance by The Beast.

On one hand, it’s hard to imagine since we do not see Brock Lesnar all that much anyways. Plus, now that he’s the former Universal Champion again, there’s not as big a reason to have him show up (in theory).

On the other hand, it is a big show, and with Fox sure to be eyeing the ratings, WWE will want to do everything they can to help get things going right. Having Lesnar there could help, and with plenty of other Superstars there, there’s always a chance to line up Lesnar’s next program.

-Another Superstar worth watching is Samoa Joe.

A few weeks ago, we seemed destined to get a nasty and potentially awesome all-Samoan feud between Joe and Roman Reigns. Then, when Reigns was pretending to almost be hit by a car that WWE conveniently had dashcam footage from, Joe showed a soft spot.

It looked like we were going to get a Reigns/Joe versus Daniel Bryan and Rowan match at SummerSlam, but for whatever reason things did not yet pan out, and SummerSlam was kept incredibly short.

This week, Joe was being Joe, meaning he was clearly more of a heel.

In spite of that, per the Wrestling Observer, there are still plans to turn Joe face, sooner than later. Considering Bryan and Rowan promised to reveal the culprit next week, it’s entirely possible they get Reigns in the ring, announce it actually was them, beat down Reigns and have Joe make the save (and the turn at the same time).

This will be interesting to watch.

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