WWE’s Idea On Re-Signing Talent, Injured Star Advertised For RAW

WWE is trying their best to sign their current superstars to lengthier contracts due to All Elite Wrestling. Also, Rey Mysterio is advertised for RAW.

– We noted early how the WWE was finally able to get Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to re-sign with the promotion. It was a long process getting the deal done and Dave Meltzer stated on the Wrestling Observer Radio how WWE is only letting talent go due to disciplinary matters. 

“All I can say is WWE is making even bigger offers than people think and [The Good Brothers] was one of them. They don’t wanna lose anyone. No one’s getting fired unless they have to and because it’s the nature of pro wrestling there will probably be one or two guys a year that will have to [be fired], but not for poor performance, for disciplinary reasons. WWE does not want to lose anyone right now.”

The reason for WWE not wanting to lose any wrestlers is due to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). They might only have two shows under their belt, but with top international names like Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Adam Page and former WWE stars such as Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley joining with positive results, WWE does not want to take any chances.

– WWE is advertising Rey Mysterio for this Monday’s RAW. While he is being promoted, there is no word if he is medically cleared to compete or get physical.

Before getting hurt, Mysterio started a program with Samoa Joe at WrestleMania 35. In their first meeting, Joe squashed Mysterio in about a minute. They would meet again at Money in the Bank, where Mysterio got the victory in another quick match. During the match, Joe clearly got his shoulders up but the referee still counted three to give Mysterio the United States Championship. By doing so, Mysterio became the twenty-first Grand Slam Champion in the process. Since he was injured in the match, Mysterio vacated the title and it was given back to Joe only two weeks later.

Before the separated shoulder, Mysterio’s son, Dominick, was placed into the program with Joe. We will have to see if WWE continues the angle as Joe recently started chasing WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. As for Mysterio’s future, he has not shied away from the fact that his in-ring career is winding down.

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