Will RVD Be Back + Who Could Charlotte Face In Toronto?

-If you caught the WWE RAW Reunion show-and I hope you did-you’d know that Rob Van Dam was one of the unannounced, surprise returns during the three hour show.

If you are an RVD fan (like I am) you will be disappointed to know that his appearance Monday night was, for all intents and purposes, a one-off thing.

Van Dam has been working for Impact Wrestling of late, and while he may not have an iron-clad contract with them, he did have to ask them for permission to appear on the Reunion show, per PWInsider.

This is a bummer because, with Paul Heyman getting more involved in all things RAW, there was some hope among fans like myself that Heyman could reach into his Extreme bag of tricks for some of his more talented wrestling friends-like RVD.

It was great to see Van Dam show face at the Reunion, but barring something unexpected, it was only a one time appearance.

-Speaking of one-off appearances, we might have a special attraction happening in Toronto for SummerSlam.

If you watched SmackDown last night, you should have caught a segment where, following a loss, Charlotte Flair said she would fight someone better than either Ember Moon or WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley at the summer-themed PPV.

My first thought went to Ronda Rousey, though the expectation was that WWE would hold her back until the SmackDown move to Fox in the fall.

Beyond Rousey, who could fit the bill? Honestly, no one on either active roster…so you have to start thinking to the Legends…and Hall of Famers.

Beth Phoenix was enjoying a comeback during WrestleMania season, but hasn’t been around much of late. She’d be worthy, but does not seem like the choice here.

Rather, Pro Wrestling Sheet is suggesting that WWE Hall of Famer-and Toronto native-Trish Stratus is the selection to take on Charlotte in August.

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