The Latest On CM Punk-AEW + Cody Rhodes Receives A Warning

We just can't stop talking about CM Punk. There's even more to discuss following his recent ESPN interview, so we cover it here.

-The chatter about CM Punk working with AEW (or any promotion) will not cease until the man actually does return…or is not able to do so. That’s just the reality of things now, and reflects the interest from fans in the former WWE Superstar.

Recently, Punk took to ESPN to do an interview and provide some details on his status and whether he might be joining All Elite Wrestling.

The long and short of it? The two sides have talked. Punk and Cody Rhodes have said as much. Where things get interesting is how those discussions have been classified.

To listen to Punk’s side, he seems to not be thrilled with how, any time they talk, it comes up on Being The Elite and fans run with it as though it’s a sign he’s joining AEW.

Cody Rhodes said that Punk’s feelings were misquoted. More on this a bit later.

While both sides to admit to having discussions, possibly about a partnership, per Dave Meltzer of the Observer, talks have not been that substantive. As in, they might have talked, but no firm contract parameters have come up-no money or other terms.

Plus, after the ESPN article came out, Rhodes even said he wouldn’t be surprised if Punk went back to WWE. So, stay tuned on this one.

-Speaking of the ESPN article…

Punk mentioned in it that he was in a tough spot by talking with his friends in AEW, because of how it gets played out in social media. He also mentioned that he was basically texted a contract offer-something that Executive VP Cody Rhodes responded to, claiming CM Punk was mis-quoted.

Now, Rhodes has received a bit of a warning.

Per Meltzer, and as we can see on Twitter, the author of the piece came out against Cody, indicating that Punk was not mis-quoted. Meltzer expanded that the author implied that this was not an approach Rhodes and other executives would want to keep using moving forward.

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