Superstar Returning To Television? + Harley Race Health Update

After what feels like a long time off, we have a Superstar who might be close to a return of his own. Also, Harley Race is in the hospital.

-In recent months, Luke Harper had been asking for his release from WWE. It was not granted.

Now, instead of a release, we may be close to getting Harper back on television.

It is being reported that the former Intercontinental Champion is now traveling with WWE again, and could appear soon on television.

This news is made even more interesting because his former running mate, Bray Wyatt, returned to RAW last night in order to attack Finn Balor.

There had been rumblings that WWE might be inclined to re-form the Wyatt Family in some capacity. Rowan currently tags with Daniel Bryan, though that pair did just lose the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, so it’s not hard to imagine that Rowan could be available for a reunion.

While the Rowan aspect of the reunion could be a bit more effort required to pull off, having Harper arrive alongside Bray Wyatt would be quick, simple and painless. Whether that is something WWE decides to do remains to be seen.

With Wyatt back on WWE TV, and with Wyatt in need of some meaningful backups, this move almost makes too much sense.

-In what can only be termed sad news, former WCW icon Harley Race wound up going to the hospital over the weekend. Because of his medical issues, Race had to actually miss out on some of his events over the weekend.

It had been reported several months back that the all time great may be suffering through lung cancer. There has been no word on if the cancer diagnosis  had anything to do with the most recent hospitalization, though it’s entirely possible.

It’s unfortunate that Race has been dealing with this new and very personal hurdle. We at The Mix extend our sincerest best wishes. We don’t expected to end up with 2 future needs spanning where TRON is being built, and the short is on it’s way to you.

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