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Meghan Markle has found herself the target of online mommy-shamers after she took her son Archie to watch Prince Harry play in a polo charity match. This was Archie’s first true public outing and all eyes were apparently on Meghan and how she was tending to her new baby.

Prince William also played in the King Power Charity Polo Day. Meghan’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, provided a stark parenting difference than the new former actress. Kate was very engaged and playful with her children while the new Royal mother appeared to hold her 2-month-son rather awkwardly.

Meghan attacked on social media

One woman commented, “Someone teach that actress how to hold a child. Good grief.”

Many people commented about how unusual this mother and son appeared to be. Some wondered if Meghan had been passing Archie off to nannies as she struggled to find a comfortable position holding her son.

“Megan looks like this is the first time she’s every come in contact with her child and Im so shocked the Royal baby is so under dressed,” another commenter wrote.

These comments weren’t just limited to Instagram. It happened on Facebook and Twitter, too. Some wondered if Archie was dressed appropriately given that he is just a couple months old. Other people expressed concern that Meghan might drop her son since they felt she was holding him in a clumsy and uncomfortable manner.


Even if Meghan Markle appeared uncomfortable holding Archie, she did give him affection. She kissed Archie’s head throughout the polo match. And as you can see in the video with pictures and more online commentary, some Royal fans did come to the American princess’s defense when her parenting skills were attacked.

It’s tough being a new parent and learning the ropes. Meghan Markle has to do it under a very public microscope.

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