The Robertson Kids Were Sent to Uncle Si’s for Punishment Liberals Would Deem ‘Cruel’

The Robertsons raise good kids!

The Robertson family realizes that kids need tough love and lots of guidance to become responsible adults. This puts the “Duck Dynasty” family at odds with today’s mainstream parenting police, but Jep and Jessica don’t care about the opinions of naysayers. They have children to raise. If their kids need punishment, that’s what they are going to get.

On the spinoff show “Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty,” four of their older children found themselves on the wrong side of the rules when they decided to use Jep’s blender without asking. They threw lots of goodies, including candy and soda pop into the blender, making a huge mess right as their parents walked into the kitchen.

Anyone who has ever seen “Duck Dynasty” knows that the Robertsons take raising their children seriously. If rules are broken, consequences are going to be faced.

Lily, Priscilla, Merrit, and River made a huge mess while disobeying their father and they were forced to clean it up. But, that’s not the only punishment they received. Child coddlers will claim what the children ended up doing to learn their lesson was “cruel and unusual.”


Uncle Si’s house

This quartet of trouble was later sent to do hard labor and Uncle Si’s house. He was ready to reap the rewards while teaching them a lesson. This Old School Uncle had his nieces and nephew pick up cat poop, rake leaves, and even scrub the toilets with toothbrushes.

This is the reality that many of us faced when we were growing up decades ago. Breaking the rules meant the score would be settled later and sometimes it meant a lot of hard work. These are the consequences that helped form us into productive and responsible members of society.

The Robertson kids are definitely not being raised by getting participation trophies! These “Duck Dynasty” parents know how to bring their kids up right!

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