Ivanka Trump Gets Lambasted for Buying a White Puppy

Why can't she just enjoy her new dog in peace?

What was supposed to be a fun family moment for Ivanka Trump was ruined by internet trolls over the weekend when she was attacked after getting a new white dog.

Yahoo News reported that it all started when Ivanka took to social media on Saturday to say that her family had gotten a new snow-white puppy for her daughter Arabella’s 8th birthday. While Ivanka did not reveal the breed of the dog, whose name is Winter, experts have speculated that it is a pomsky, which is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian husky.

Ivanka called the dog a “birthday dream come true” for her daughter, but internet users did everything they could to turn it into a nightmare by using the canine to viciously attack the first daughter and her family.

“If it was a brown dog, would you put it in a cage?” one twitter user questioned, with another adding, “Winter white…hmm figures, I guess the only color that keeps it out of a cage at the Trump household.”

Obama Put Kids In Cages

These internet trolls were referring to the practice of putting migrant children in cages after they are caught crossing the border illegally. This was actually done when Barack Obama was in office, and President Donald Trump has taken steps to stop this in recent years. Despite the fact that this was clearly something that happened on Obama’s watch, ignorant liberals have continued to blame it on Trump.

Thankfully, some internet users rushed to the Trump family’s defense in the face of these attacks.

“As soon as I saw the dog I knew liberals would talk about the dog being white in color,” one user commented. “So lame and predictable. Liberals are just like hollywood, out of new ideas.”

It’s sad that liberals politicize absolutely everything these days to the point where they can’t even allow a member of the Trump family to enjoy adopting a new dog in peace. If the Obama family had ever experienced this level of harassment, we would never have heard the end of it from the mainstream media. Since the Trumps are the ones being attacked in this way, however, the media has absolutely no problem with it. The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze, and sicken me.

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