Is Darren Till’s Run at Welterweight Over?

Darren Till has talked about moving to middleweight in the past, and now the Liverpool star has teased that a move to 185 is coming.

Darren Till has been asked about whether he plans to move to middleweight innumerable times, and now that question is being asked again, due to a recent social media post he made.

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Since Till cuts so much weight to make 170, and because he’s failed to hit that mark a couple of times, talk about him moving to middleweight is nothing new. The 26-year-old has acknowledged previously that a jump to 185 was likely, but Till hadn’t committed to the switch.

Well, more recently Till shared the image and comment below, regarding this very subject (warning: explicit language):

Now, does this mean that Till is moving to 185? No. He could be just playing around. But, there’s certainly reasons to believe that Till’s run at welterweight could end in the not too distant future.

The British fighter is coming off back-to-back losses to Jorge Masvidal and Tyron Woodley, after going undefeated in his first six bouts.

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