Alexa Device Saves Mom and Daughter From Violent Beating

Add life-saving to the list of things Alexa devices can do!

We often hear stories about the creepy side of smart home devices, but one woman and her young daughter likely have her Alexa device to thank for being alive today.

According to the police affidavit, Eduardo Barros threatened to kill his girlfriend on July 2 before accusing her of calling law enforcement. The argument was allegedly over a text message the woman received causing Barros to accuse her of cheating on him.

Do Amazon Alexa devices hear everything?

As anyone who’s seen an Amazon commercial knows, Alexa devices are awakened by certain keywords and phrases.

“Did you call the sheriff?” Barros, 28, allegedly asked his unnamed girlfriend. The question inadvertently triggered the smart device that was hooked up to a landline in the home.

When the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department called back, Barros saw who was calling and began beating her.

“Barros told her she was not going anywhere and he was going to kill her,” an arrest warrant for Barros states. “When 911 called her phone, Barros saw the caller ID and threw [her] to the floor. Barros then kicked her while on the ground at least 10 times in the face and stomach. Barros told [the victim] he could not believe the cops had been called and he was not going back to prison and that she knew he was a felon. [The victim] stated she thought she was going to be killed or shot.”

Depending on Barros’ previous crimes, his possession of a firearm was likely unlawful.

“The unexpected use of this new technology to contact emergency services has possibly helped save a life,” Manuel Gonzales III of the Bernalillo County Sheriff said later. “This amazing technology definitely helped save a mother and her child from a very violent situation.”

It’s not said whether Barros’ girlfriend was trying to break up with him. The time surrounding a break-up with an unstable, violent individual can often be dangerous for the person leaving the relationship.

One can only hope Barros’ girlfriend uses the time he’s behind bars to establish some distance from Barros for her and her child’s sake.

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