Amazon Expects to Add 100,000 New Jobs

Amazon is undoubtedly responsible for many jobs around the world. Now, Amazon has stated they will add even more jobs; this should entail a total of 100,000 new jobs for Americans alone over the next year or so.

More Job Types

The different types of jobs Amazon promises in the future are quite diverse; this means that highly educated and not-educated people could be getting a job with this online retailer. Jobs that are rumored to be added include engineers, software developers, customer service representatives, warehouse workers and much more.

Most new jobs that will be added to Amazon will be full-time; this means that Americans applying could get standard benefits and healthcare. Therefore, the new jobs that will be added are not expected to be the usual temp jobs Amazon is known for.


The exact locations of these new jobs are not yet known, but representatives have stated that it would mainly entail job positions in the fulfillment centers. A fulfillment center is a location where Amazon picks, packs and ships orders to Amazon customers. However, we already know that the new jobs won’t be connected to logistics alone.

The Average Wage

Depending on the jobs that will become available in the future, Americans can expect a different wage for a different job.  Average wages of all fulfillment jobs comes down to a reasonable $12.33 per hour, however jobs delivering products to home, as part of Amazon Flex pay upwards of $25/hour.

Expansion of Fulfillment Centers

If there is currently no fulfillment center in your neighborhood, there is no need to worry though, because Amazon has stated that more fulfillment centers will be built in several locations. Therefore, you could have the opportunity to get a job at Amazon.

Before the announcement of new jobs, Amazon limited its fulfillment centers to certain states; this was mainly for tax advantages. However, due to expansion and coming tax changes, Amazon is now planning to expand their fulfillment centers; this means more jobs and faster delivery times for customers.

Replacing Retail Jobs

Even though Amazon has been major competition for big and small retailers who had to close their doors, Amazon fully intends on replacing those missing jobs. With promises such as two-hour delivery times and last minute holiday shopping possibilities, the future is certainly in online retail.

With so many new jobs being created, Amazon will certainly have a positive impact on the American economy. However, one should also see the bigger picture. Amazon does not only operate in the US, because it also has fulfillment centers in the UK, the Netherlands and other countries. Therefore, the growth of Amazon could have a profound impact on the economy of other countries too.


The future expansion of Amazon is certainly good news for families who have been struggling to keep or find a job. With economic struggles still fresh in our minds, many are hopeful that the expansion of the online retailer is going to mean an end to the economic struggles America has faced over the past couple of years. The enormity of the expansion still remains to be seen, but 100,000 jobs is certainly big on its own!



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