Superstar Re-Signs WIth WWE, More On AEW’s TV Deal

With AEW in the mix, talent now have the option of leaving WWE. But, WWE re-signed one of their superstars. Also, AEW filed an interesting trademark.

– There are lots of WWE superstars reportedly counting down the days until their contract expires as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is on the rise. WWE has tried to lockdown several of their current superstars to longer deals worth more money. Some have re-signed like The Usos and AJ Styles while others like The Revival and Luke Harper have not followed suit.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Mojo Rawley has re-signed with WWE. No word on the length of the contract, but it is likely for  several years.

Mojo signed with WWE in 2012 and has mostly been featured as a lower tier talent with a few moments of success. He timed with Zack Ryder as the Hype Bros, but they never were able to capture any tag team gold. Mojo would turn on Ryder and is currently working as a heel. He has rarely appeared on TV the past year. His new gimmick sees him wear face-paint and also talk into a mirror during backstage vignettes. The gimmick is strange and the lack of explanation has not helped.

The biggest moment for Mojo was winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. He got an assist from now retired Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski. The two are friends are there were reports that Gronkowski could sign with WWE now that his football days are over.

– Speaking of AEW, they filed the trademark “Wednesday Night Dynamite,” on June 18. This had led to speculation that AEW will air their weekly TV show on Wednesday night.

Months ago, they trademarked “Tuesday Night Dynamite,” which was another rumored date as there will be no competition since SmackDown will be moving to Fox.

As of now, all that is confirmed is TNT will broadcast the new wrestling promotion starting in October. An interesting factoid is how WWE’s biggest rival, WCW, also aired on TNT.

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