Ronda Rousey To SmackDown? AEW offically on TNT + Baron Corbin Push

Will Ronda Rousey join SmackDown in the fall? All Elite officially has a television deal. And, Baron Corbin is getting a big push.

-This week has brought us the television up front presentations. More and more wrestling fans are paying attention to these now, especially with SmackDown moving to FOX in the fall. There’s also the expected announcement of the All Elite Wrestling television deal with TNT, too (That’s next).

For the FOX up front, on hiatus Superstar and former RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey was present.

Many have speculated that this appearance could signify that Rousey would return later this year, and would do so for the blue brand. While such a move can’t hurt ratings, the Wrestling Observer reports that isn’t necessarily the case.

Per the Observer, the move was simply made to ensure that WWE put forward as much star power as they could for these presentations. While Rousey could still end up on SmackDown Live, the up front appearance isn’t related to future plans (yet, anyways).

Still, if the ratings are struggling, and WWE (and FOX) want the SmackDown move to do big numbers, adding Rousey to the blue brand is likely under consideration.

-Speaking of television, this morning AEW and TNT made their partnership official.

This is big news for wrestling fans, and for AEW in particular. It will be very interesting to see how All Elite pushes WWE, or if they simply present a more compelling product that draws in fans that WWE is not.

No word yet on when the program will air, or how long. On a positive note, they did confirm that there will be a streaming component to their product delivery, so fans won’t be bound only to traditional television for consumption.

-If you haven’t been paying attention, Baron Corbin has been getting pushed of late.

From his time as the acting RAW General Manager, to retiring Kurt Angle, even back to his failed Money In The Bank ownership, Corbin has been establishing himself as a top star.

Apparently WWE feels the time is soon to push Corbin even harder. According to reports, the belief is Corbin is in line for a championship match very soon.

How soon?

How about at Extreme Rules, against current Universal Champion Seth Rollins?

Per Dave Meltzer from the Observer, some matches are already being locally advertised for the upcoming PPV, and Corbin versus Rollins is indeed on the card.

Of course, as always, the card is subject to change. Lots can happen between now and then, whether an injury or something backstage that could kill a push (just ask Braun Strowman or Lars Sullivan).

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