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On Monday night, Queen Elizabeth hosted the Trump family at Buckingham Palace for a lavish state banquet. When the dinner began, royal fans immediately noticed that the Queen, Melania Trump, Kate Middleton, and Camilla Parker-Bowles were all wearing white. Now, royal experts are weighing in on the reason behind this fashion statement.

Fox News reported that while it looks like the women coordinated their outfits, experts are saying that it was more than likely a coincidence.

“I agree it would appear as if there was an agreement that all the royal women would wear white and Melania was advised to do the same, but I really think it is a coincidence,” explained British bridal designer Caroline Castigliano. “The royals often wear white to the state banquets and I wonder if this is partly to show off their sashes. Kate wore her blue sash tonight for the first time that symbolizes her role as a member of the Royal Victorian Order.”

The banquet came hours after Melania paid tribute to the late Princess Diana with a different white outfit. When she arrived at Buckingham Palace, Melania was wearing a white outfit that many immediately noticed was very reminiscent of Diana’s signature style.

“So has anyone noticed that Melania seems to be wearing a classic Princess Diana outfit on her state trip?” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Melania Trump’s outfit today is a lovely homage to Princess Diana, down to the tilt of the hat. Sweet.”

It’s so nice to see the British royal family welcome the Trump family with open arms and to see Melania returning the favor by paying tribute to them with her fabulous sense of style. We hope that they all enjoyed their banquet and that this is the beginning of a long and close relationship between the royals and the Trumps!

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