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An important unspoken rule about weddings is that you don’t want to outshine the bride. An Ohio mother didn’t get this memo and made a major faux pas at her son’s wedding that has people across the country laughing.

Wedding Failures

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon asked for people to tweet about their wedding failures using the hashtag #weddingfail. Amy Pennza has a story about her mother-in-law that would give most brides nightmares.

Her mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to her wedding. It’s bad enough when a guest wears white to a wedding, but this mother of the groom actually wore an wedding dress! It looked as though there were two brides at this wedding!

Pennza first saw her mother-in-law moments before walking down the aisle. She never thought to ask her mother-in-law about her outfit before the wedding. Suddenly, Pennza realized that was a mistake.

Funny Wedding Story

After the initial horror wore off, Pennza realized that she had a funny story to share. Years later, it is more of a heartwarming story as she is close to her mother-in-law and understands how the dress fits into her personality, but not for the reasons you might be expecting.

Her mother-in-law grew up in extreme poverty and has never left that mindset behind. She is always re-purposing things to make her dollars stretch.

The mindset of saving money and making things last continues decades after the extreme poverty was alleviated. So, when she found a wedding dress at an extremely low price, she bought it. It was a great value after all!

Since the wedding, Pennza’s mother-in-law realizes this was not a great shopping decision. After the tweet went viral, this now-famous penny pincher has an idea about what to do with the dress she wore. She wants to raffle it off.

Mother-in-Law Tales

Jimmy Fallon took notice of this hilarious story that is rather endearing years later. There aren’t many good mother-in-law tales, so certainly grabs your attention.


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