harvey weinstein attorney
harvey weinstein attorney

In typical Hollywood fashion, disgraced movie producer giant Harvey Weinstein is hiring lawyers to deal with his lawyers and now another round of high-profile attorneys in charge of his sexual assault case want out over his antics and failure to pay for their services.

Months after Harvey Weinstein replaced top defense attorney Ben Brafman following a dispute with another, Jose Baez wants off the case and sent a scathing letter to Supreme Court Justice James Burke listing Weinstein’s many transgressions.

“First, Mr. Weinstein has engaged in behavior that makes this representation unreasonably difficult to carry out effectively and has insisted upon taking actions with which I have fundamental disagreements,’’ Baez wrote.

“For example, he has engaged outside counsel to communicate with myself and my co-counsel and has decided to have another attorney threaten legal action against this Firm.”

Baez continued, “Second, Mr. Weinstein has deliberately disregarded our fee agreement and has had outside counsel indicate that he intends to continue to do so.”

“It is clear that Mr. Weinstein’s best interests will be served by this Firm’s withdrawal.”

Weinstein’s attorneys paying the price?

This comes on the heels of Baez’s co-counsel, Harvard professor Ron Sullivan, withdrawing from the case after students at the Ivy League school protested over someone associated with the university being involved in the defense of an alleged sexual assaulter. Sullivan avoided being fired but Harvard removed him from his position as dean.

I honestly wonder when we stopped believing in the right to counsel and a competent defense. John Adams would be appalled, but I digress.

Jose Baez went on to say he doesn’t know who Weinstein will replace him with, doesn’t care, but he’s given his soon-to-be former client ample time to figure it out.

A spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein said his new team will be forging forward.

“Mr. Weinstein will shortly be welcoming a team that will fulfill each of the essential components needed to properly serve his due process and his rigorous defense,” they said in a statement.

Time will tell how long the as-yet-to-be-named new head of the Weinstein legal team lasts. Seeing as how some of the cases against Weinstein were dropped when put under the pressures of court proceedings, he could end up not needing them for an actual defense in court.

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